Our Mission

At Castle & Monarch we believe that it is our responsibility to provide advice to our clients that is in their own and their children’s best interests. Our firm has gained a reputation for excellence by adhering to the following practices:

Honest Legal and Financial Advice

Often, it costs more to litigate issues than it does to settle them. We feel that it is our responsibility to provide our clients with an honest analysis of the benefits and costs associated with both settling and litigating issues. It is our belief that settlement is always the best option for amicable resolution without expending unnecessary attorneys fees and costs.

In–Depth and Accurate Discovery

It is impossible to make the best decisions for you and your family without a complete understanding of the background and facts surrounding each issue. Our attorneys conduct in-depth discoveries to gather the necessary information and provide advice. This allows the client to make fully informed decisions.

Keeping You Fully Informed

We ensure that our clients are kept fully informed and aware of the status of their case at all times. Our attorneys always remain open to communication by telephone, email, or office appointments. As changes arise, we alert our clients immediately, so we can remain prepared in our strategy.

Understanding the Emotions Involved

By its nature, family law involves complex emotions for the involved parties. We understand how emotional issues can impact our clients’ ability to make decisions, and we are sensitive to the fact that they are experiencing life changing events. The attorneys at Castle & Monarch strive to provide empathetic guidance.